Thursday, November 04, 2004

Views on The Religious Corporate Leader

Taking a liberal permission from my Orkut friends, here are some of the comments, and my responses:

“Ramla,I find this approach quite fascinating. In the past, Muslim scientists and thinkers were ahead of the rest of the world. I guess since management is a relatively new discipline, there has not been much thought put into its connection with Islam. Yet.
I heard that Faiez Seyyal has also written management books from an Islamic perspective. I haven't read his books yet but am trying to get my hands on them. If you have read his books, what do you think of them? And are your approaches similar?”
Sabaa Ali 11/2/2004

“Dear Saba:
I haven’t read Faiez Seyal, but it’s going on top of my books wish list now.
Your point is exactly mine: why separate religion from life? Business, like every other field of life, needs a guiding philosophy, and a 'way.' And when people use Islam or any other system of faith to define their lives, why won’t they make it a part of their corporate life?
I think the gap exists because of an 'applied religious philosophy for business/ management' approach. Interestingly, many of the corporate leaders already follow it in their personal way, but the teachings are not shared as frequently and as scientifically as, say, Adam Smith’s economic theory.
I want to be one of those to bridge the gap.”
-Ramla A.

“I like it. I voted. You may want to get in touch with the CEO of the Aga Khan University Hospital. He speaks very eloquently on public forums on how Islam can be applied in everyday corporate life, be it business, commercial or personal dealings. He’s worth listening to.”
Jalal Curmally 11/2/2004

“Thanks, Jazak-Allah! I have heard the CEO of Aga Khan, in fact some of what he said inspired me to write this manifesto.
My stance is different from his only in that I am more business-inclined... and make a direct link between the corporate world and Islam. This is a subtle but significant difference. I would take the approach of redefining business studies and biz mgmt in the light of religious philosophy, just as we study it today in the light of Taylor's or Mayo's or Smith's philosophy...
Do tell me what you think.”
-Ramla A.

The Religious Corporate Leader
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Update: The proposal was removed after being accepted. It generated the highest number of votes.

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