Monday, November 01, 2004

3 for a Great Marketer/ Brand Manager

Marketers and brand managers, listen up! In the modern world of marketing, you gain a superior edge if you have these three assets:

  1. Superior and sophisticated knowledge of human behavior
  2. Empathy
  3. Ability to apply the knowledge of one field to another to create interesting results (sometimes known as intra-disciplinary learning)

This is simple to the point that it might elicit a "duh!" from you. But the simplest of things are the hardest to stick by. And they are just the right things to do.


sam said...

hmm ... DUH!!! True that. Can be found in any marketing book. You're just stating the obvious. The point being...?

Ramla A. said...

Exactly, Duh! But the point remains, who's doing this anyway? I am only stating that this is now a matter of life or death for marketers, not elitist choice.
But I have also a more sophisticated point to make. Which is, that technological and social change is affecting consumer behavior RAPIDLY, UNPREDICTABLY, and DAILY. Likewise, the brand managers have to counter. And they CANNOT until they remain locked in their ivory towers, they just have to have a sophisticated knowledge of what their consumer is doing NOW, and what will s/he do in the IMMEDIATE future.
My argument is developing over time, keeping watching the blog, and tell me what you think.