Sunday, November 07, 2004

3 for a Great Marketer/ Brand Manager - Part 2

Superior knowledge of human behavior has always been critical, but it's a matter of life or a quick death in a world where consumers have:

  • individualistic beliefs
  • fragmented lifestyles
  • highly defined and variable choice
  • little to lose if they switch
  • short memories
  • no regrets for botching relationships with brands
If the brand managers of today want to succeed in chaotic times, they have to depend on the principles of order and stability. "Good Old Stuff" is reliable. It's secure. And it shows a method to madness.

It's a backward chain: when you are opening a door of uncertainty, use a certain key.

Knowledge of human behavior (HB) gives a method to the madness of consumer behavior. It opens the door to knowing the consumer. That opens the door to their attitudes and beliefs. That opens the door to knowing their lifestyle, values, habits. That opens the door to them: who are they, what are they doing, and how the hell can you get them to buy your proposition rather than anyone else's?

Marketers who don't get HB right are dead. They can't get in to the minds of the consumers. They don't know what drives them. Why are the holding their job anyway?

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