Saturday, September 01, 2007

To De-Serve? Or To Serve?

Look! How happy people are when they serve!
Service creates both joy -
and opportunity!
Credit: Kifo @ Flickr

Institutional education teaches us that we can grow up to trade our talent for goods and status from the world. We "Deserve."

The products of the institutional world think too much of what they deserve from the world. As if the world will somehow open a warehouse's door and start handing out goods in return of Certificates of Deserving.

This singular notion is the root of much ill. Look again, the word "deserve" can be re-written as DE-SERVE.

Here's how the American Heritage Dictionary defines "De-":

  1. Do or make the opposite of; reverse: decriminalize.
  2. Remove or remove from: delouse; deoxygenate.
  3. Out of: deplane; defenestration.
  4. Reduce; degrade: declass.

So DE-SERVE can mean:

  1. Do the opposite of service. Do a dis-service.
  2. Remove (the element/tools of) service. From something.
  3. Not be of service.
  4. Reduce, degrade (the idea of) service.
Now can we imagine the world out there opening to door to the big warehouse of resources to someone with this attitude?

No one cares what we deserve. Ask anyone but your loving ones, and they will tell you how much they themselves deserve - besides counting to you the many deserving kinds of people in the world: the poor, the down-trodden, the smarter, the faster, the hungrier - it goes on.

So if we approach life the "I Deserve" way - we may end up far behind in the line of six billion human souls - and then count the other beings on Earth.

SERVICE helps us jump ahead of the queue. 6,000,000,000+ souls are always looking for service, many of those in your web of life. Multiply that by the number of service each one of them needs. Add to that a few other billion things that need services.

The People-Centered Model of Business shows the cosmos that we can serve. Find or create your own space below:

Service is what creates opportunities. Service is why we do business. Service is what keeps us in action and demand even when Google makes us feel like a speck of sand in the desert.

Now - do you feel you still have space in the world to live and do something of meaning?