Sunday, November 21, 2004

Oops! + Coming up NEXT>

Dear readers: The God of blogging must be preventing me from writing NEXT>
I have been losing the last few posts that answered many of the quetions sent my way.

Let me make a mental note here: I HAVE to give you blogs on:

- Basic Instinct [Aha! No funny eye-gymnastics!]

- The Importance of Being in Context - Consumer Context Planning (tm)

- Seth Saab vs. the MBA

- Broadcast Industry: Where to?

Also, can anyone help me find a great looking (PURPLE-colored!) blog template? I'd love to give you a better look. It's about time NEXT> kicks some designer a**!


Anonymous said...

I am an American attorney living in San Diego, California. I am a student of Urdu and am currently translating a collection of articles on the life of Maulavi Abdul Haq. I am planning a trip to Pakistan and need to know more about the current security situation. Will I be able to move around freely in Karachi and Lahore? Please advise. My email is

Ramla A. said...

Khush amdeed! Pakistan's a fun place to be in if you have a friend to take you around and guide you. I have sent you a more detailed reply. Other readers of the blog are also requested to help. Good luck!

annie said...


My name's Annie Zaidi and I'm a contributor at an India-based blogging group called Desi Media Bitch (DMB, for short).

We are a group of bloggers - some journalists, some mediapeople, some writers... This is a platform for those who are vocal and want to keep a watch on the media, especially big-media, in this country. In fact, we recently concluded a highly successful 'bitch-fest' on the blog.

As part of our own new year celebrations, we want Pakistani bloggers to comment and contribute to our blog. During this period, we will not post anything - we will only listen to what you have to say, or offer our comments.

While surfing up Pakistani bloggers, I came upon your blog and am posting this here since I cannot find your contact email. We'd like you to join us in our attempt to build communication, sans borders. [Two Pakistani bloggers have already accepted our invitation.]

Please reply to me, at annie dot zaidi at indiatimes dot com or annie at thehindu dot co dot in and do confirm if you would like to contribute. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ahsan Kaleem said...

Dear Ramla, ive been looking for ways to contact you about an idea, however unable to do so i have decided to post a comment hoping you might come across it.

if possible do send your email address so i can get intouch with you.


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