Sunday, July 10, 2005

Whole World Thinking - the third way

Left hemisphere of the brain ll Western hemisphere of Earth;
Right hemisphere of the brain ll Eastern hemisphere of Earth;
Whole-Brain Thinking ll Whole-World Thinking!!

It occured to me while I was thinking about the balanced, whole brain thinking, and this discussion on has prompted me to finally blog this idea:

I was teaching Right Brain thinking and mind maps to my students of entrepreneurship when I had an epiphany: the optimal thinking and intelligence is WHOLE BRAIN THINKING. If you look at the WORLD, and its two hemispeheres are macrocosmic enlargements of our brains - the left/ Western hemisphere is logical, precise, analytical, individualistic, masculine. The right/ Eastern hemisphere is holistic, intuitive, interdependent, creative, feminine.

The optimal thinking is the whole brain thinking. The optimal Way is the WHOLE WORLD WAY. The one that balances the yin and the yang. The East and the West. Our Way and Their Way. It takes the best of both and creates a common ground. And it accomodates both of "the others." It's very much like a male-female interaction taking place to create a family. Both are different. By co-depending and understanding, a man and a woman create a harmonious relationship while still remaining themselves. Think Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

I am also working on a manifesto, The Religious Corporate Leader. And that is perhaps what really inspired the Whole World Thinking idea. For this manifesto, I have used not just religious theories, but also the knowledge of chaos theory, lessons from The Art of War, Seven Habits, theories of Leonardo da Vinci, current business literature and what not. That it all effortlessly blended in together made me wonder if there is really a way in which apparantly distinct and conflicting knowledge can be brought together? Is there a way in which the whole world can think together to produce a better, third way of thinking, just as the two sides of the brain can think as a whole to arrive at optimal solutions?


Anonymous said...

hi ramala.

you seem to be somewhat a big scale thinker... :)

i like your sentiments - and to a good extend share them.

the orient/oxident, male/female left/right whole world brain...

i will send you a couple of links later.


Ramla A. said...

Thanks, Jen! I'll await the links at nextbyramla AT gamil DOT com.

In a true spirit of whole-brain thinking, I am a big scale/small scale thinker. Just learning the scope of elegance of the words "balance" and "moderation."

Khurram Siddiqui said...
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