Thursday, July 14, 2005

London blasts and the blogosphere

What's terrorism? How should the new world deal with it? Quite an argument going on here ( on the London blasts.

There was another dimension to the blasts: the power of the individual as a media source. The BBC and Guardian received images caught by viewers on cell phones and digital cameras. The blogosphere was full of personal accounts of survivors. Blogs instantly reported the news (courtesy tp wire service). The BBC invited a survivor blogging about her ordeal, survival and coping - and she's keeping a survivor's diary at the BBC News website.

The world of news has changed for good with blogging, T-mobiles/t-zones, and the high level of interactivity between the newsmakers, reporters, and the public.

What will the role of the journalist be in the new world of media, when we can get the news straight from the source??


Mars said...

Hmm, perhaps the role of the journalist will be more important then ever, assuming that journalists share information in a professional and effective language/manner. The regular ol' folk blogging and vogging add a personal touch, but there were remain a need for objective news views.

Ramla A. said...

The journalist may become more of a manager of the news fed by the general public. There's a Koren paper, Ohmynews - and it's written entirely by the people.

It's funny, but the Internet community really listens to its blogger vlogger peers.