Saturday, October 22, 2005

Jaag Pakistan's Bloggers Meet-up

JAAG PAKISTAN is a financial support group for NGO's working on ground in the disaster area.
- To raise funds for reconstruction phase..- To raise funds for immediate direct relief for various allied NGO's working in the disaster areas.- To train volunteers to send to the affected areas for emergency relief and works.
JAAG PAKISTAN will be an open forum for all to contribute towards the relief effort. A collective platform where all organizations work together.
JAAG PAKISTAN is a transparent fund raising effort and its activities can be monitored throughout on our website.
JAAG PAKISTAN will be a continuous effort to be replicated across Pakistan and the Karachi chapter as the initiator will forward its format to like minded people across Pakistan.
JAAG PAKISTAN Karachi, has selected Hill Park as the central venue for its activities in Karachi , for its high visual prominence and accessibility.
JAAG PAKISTAN will come alive whenever there is a calamity in Pakistan.
Jaag Pakistan is also planning to have a blog meetup on their first event, which is Farid Raziuddin Qawwal - Live at Hill Park, 9pm October 22nd 2005.


Yawerite said...

Have been travelling so fell out of touch. Read about 'Jaag Pakistan'elsewhere as well. How is it different from Help Pakistan? BTW how have you been?

Kashmiri said...

Sounds good, nice to know your a part of something to help the earthquake victims, i hope the night is a success.


Reza said...

I am a Kashmiri Btw and Thanks for the fundraising. We did it at our Uni in the US. Got your blog addy from you via Orkut remmeber? D: .. Adding your blog to my blogroll. Visit often and good luck with the fund raising.