Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What is creativity?

CreativityWhat is creativity?

Idealog has a definition:

Creativity is making something new from two old things.
I endorse that we do not create something out of nothing. Another closer definition of creativity – my personal belief – is:

Creativity is seeing the connection between things, and putting those connections together in novel and useful ways.

I have made this definition up as an extraction of various thoughts. Leonardo da Vinci had a name for seeing the connection between things: connessione.

Notice the word “useful” in my definition. A creation is not creative if it's irrelevant, doesn't solve a problem or create an opportunity, or serve a purpose - whatever that purpose may be.

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ann michael said...

Excellent post. If you're not familiar with Bob Sutton and IDEO you should look into them - they would completely support your definitions!

Ramla A. said...

IDEO is in fact an inspiration - and I dream of making a company that designs solutions to lesser intangible problems and creates more opportunities the IDEO way.

I'm also greatly inspired by Edward de Bono. Will have to familiarize with Bob Sutton, so thanks for recommending him. By the way, we have a commonality: we work in or around the media sector.