Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Internet: true human government, and how!

When I asserted that the Internet is the global government of, by and for the people, I added:

To The Internet we listen, to The Internet we ask our questions, to The Internet we turn for convergence in our human divergence. (un-typo version)

Reader Temporal has a question:
You’re sure? Internet is only the medium…it is neither the message nor the messenger. What thrives here is the open and accessible communication between far-flung human beings.

My answer:

Exactly. What is government but a facilitator of the activities of humankind... a servant that administrates the complex function? That is why we say, "like people, like government." By itself, the government is nothing.

Whatever the book definition of the government may be, pragmatically, every government acts as if it is an exogenous agent. Governments are not representing the people – rather they are forming the minds of the people.

The Internet is truly the government of the people, by the people, for the people. It does not exist to rule. It does not exist to create absurd laws. It is a collaborative space. It is inclusive, responsive, self-organizing, and evolving. It is a powerful source towards which the modern human is turning to share and to listen.
With the advent of Web 2.0 technologies, everyone is invited. Those who manage or control collaborative spaces – say collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia – are people from all over the world themselves The Wikipeda administrators chosen by the people on a set of criteria of the people for the benefit of the people.

In fact, never before in the history of humankind has the democratic, the human-centric definition of government been seen in practice. Internet is not just any people’s government; Internet is the first truly human government.

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the olive ream said...

Incredible post! Extremely relevant..and you made your point quite clearly.

Well blogged!

Neoka said...

I follow where you are going with this, and I agree completly, However, lest we forget that if the internet is the government for the people, then it is still a government of the elite. What about the opinions, perspectives and reactions of those that do NOT have access to the internet, or any form of technology at all.

In fact the internet is merely a vehicle for the well off to build together in a new direction, leaving behind those who cannot afford to participate.