Saturday, June 17, 2006

To be is the answer!

Having said that, there is a quote that has often inspired me:

Near the end of life, it's not what we have done that we regret, but that which we have not done.



Shirazi said...

So very true.

umair said...

atleast , this is not a case with me ...
i regret what i have done :(

Unaiza Nasim said...

true! and many of us dont realise it unless we really cannot do.

Poo Poo Head said...

So pessimist ??

Ramla A. said...


Darling, I am not a pessimist, only fantasy fodder for quintessential pessimists who I have often seen trying to make me one of their own.

None of my work or word is about pessimism, though some can be introspective and some searches for light in the dark hours that befall every warrior of light. When I have broodier moods, I don't infect the public.

Why do I choose to answer you?

1/ I don't invite any dark aura to my blogs.
2/ Pessimism and negative thinking are my sworn preys, I don't like to see them flourish around.
3/ I want those who care to listen to me and believe me - even if that's a single 10-yr-old child and no one else - to KNOW the good values I live by. I want to pass the message to them, as is appropriate of any responsible human.

SO OPTIMISIM and HOPE and FAITH and FIGHTING FOR GOOD and LEARNING and LIVING A GOOD LIFE are what I believe in, despite all hardships of life, and I teach these values to others to the best of my ability!

Cheer up!