Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Religious Corporate Leader

Since the beginning of time, "faith" or "religion" has been employed by Man to make sense of chaos - to bring the Unknown in to the realm of Understanding. This is still the prevalent practice in many societies - but strengely enough, the big bad world of business seems to be insulated from all this. Religion for corporate leaders? Hard to believe!

But this may change.

Can the corporate leader today be religious, and make sense of chaos? How can a system of faith create a manifesto for corporate Leadership? Can religion and business be reconciled? Why were some of the greatest men of faith involved with business?

On I have proposed a manifesto that answers these questions. If you vote for the manifesto here by clicking the "Yes, write this manifesto" button, you can get to learn how religion may influence corporate leaders of today.

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Rafay Bin Ali said...

Ms. Akhtar,
I tried to search for the manifesto at changethis site. However, i couldnt find yours. Can you give me more details on it?

Rafay Bin Ali