Friday, October 15, 2004


Seth Godin and his team of interns created ChangeThis – an engine to publish and distribute manifestos for change. Tom Peters, Seth Godin, and Al Gore are some of the publishers on the site. Anyone can submit the proposal for writing a manifesto, which is then voted on by general visitors to the site. The popular proposals are offered to be turned into manifestos, available for free download and distribution through the site.


Tom Peters – the “guru of change management” – is one of my favorite business readers. His writing helped me believe in not having a long-term career plan and that it was OK for a regular MBA to not worry about career paths. There are no such things as vertical career progression plans anymore! The entrepreneur in me also loves his ideas about business; and core competencies that do not last forever. That’s the new rule of the game. More of Tom Peters and what he believes in the This I Believe! - Tom's 60 TIBs manifesto.


Seth Godin also reinforced my belief in doing less – which is actually the direct opposite of the life philosophy I started with: do everything (and worry about not having accomplished at all!). I learnt through the school of hard knocks what Seth Godin puts succinctly in the Do Less manifesto.


I seriously suggest you pay this site a visit, and let your friends know about it. Share the knowledge, and your friends will thank you. ALSO: if you have something to share, write a change manifesto proposal! Great fun!


Info from the site:

ChangeThis was built in the summer of 2004 by Amit Gupta, Catherine Hickey, Noah Weiss, Phoebe Espiritu and Michelle Sriwongtong. You can read their bios in this blog entry. The original idea behind ChangeThis came from Seth Godin. You can read about him on his website. To find out more, please download our ChangeThis manifesto.



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