Sunday, October 17, 2004

New day, new business

When a business has outgrown the potential of its original big idea, throw it out. Do something new. Get another original big idea.
It hurts common business sense - but it is good business sense for the new economy.

Women have had a way with this kind of a strategy that embraces change. Each new fashion cycle, they'd clean up the closet, and take out the old clothes. In charitable societies, these clothes go to the lesser privileged. Sometimes they go to friends and relatives who aren't ahead on the curve of style. Everyone's better off in the deal.

The ladies no longer have to carry an old fashion image. They've utilized the "returns" of each old dress - it's given them basic cover, and it's earned them admiration when it was the right fashionable thing. Now the otherwise "left behind" people can catch up with the reasonably contemporary (sometimes adding a frill here and there to come to par with the latest) - while the fashionable ladies move ahead to adopt the latest on the ramp.

When your business is getting older, and there's a new curve to ride on to, shed off the old. Divest, split, give away. Let the rest of the world catch up and grow. Get a move on!

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