Friday, July 06, 2007

NEXT> by Ramla is back!

Dear readers:

I found out how well NEXT> by Ramla was anticipated by the readers when some promptly reported that it was "down" or "weird." While the blog was being reviewed by the Blogger Team, who were sorting the splogs (spamming blogs) from the blogs, it was taken over by a splogger.

Persistent requests for support as well as some pro-active tracking of the spammer dude helped to get the blog restored. Back again. Thanks to the beleaguered Blogger Team.

I am going to transfer the blog to a certain that is registered. Only looking for a designer who understands the needs of contemporary blog design.

Secondly, much has been going on in the background to take NEXT> by Ramla to the next level. More in the next post.

A special thanks to everyone who reported the breakdown and expressed their concerns. And thanks to all the readers who take interest in the blog and have encouraged me to take this further.


Anonymous said...

I have some pals who are quite experienced in web design. Check these sites:


Ramla A. said...

Thanks, Matti.