Friday, March 09, 2007

I Protest! The suspension of Justice Iftikhar from office...

In losing Justice Iftikhar, possibly forever as the Chief Justice of Pakistan, we have lost the Chief Petty Matters Officer of Pakistan, Supreme Chief of Petty Matters of Citizens' Fundamental Rights.


I protest at the manner in which the last hope of justice to the people of Pakistan has been rounded up. I protest that we the people were not taken into confidence - before or even hours after the incidence. I protest that just when Pakistani citizens have turned desperately hopeless of any formal institution, the Institution of Justice has been breached again at the supreme level. I protest that the Prime Minister made the move to suspend the Chief Justice on a matter more related to his son, not him. I protest because though the knock-out is technical, the reason behind is more sinister. I protest, I protest, and I protest!

I will keep wearing a white band on my arm until this decision is explained to the people to our satisfaction, and we can have hope that the Judiciary is safe. I will keep wearing the band - a sign of my mourning as well my resolution to see a positive change, reflected by the color white - until Justice Iftikhar has a chance to explain himself to those who he cared most about: small, petty people.

Bring the "Media Circus" on!

Note: Post edited. Comment on Naeem Bokhari's letter moved here.

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redsnapper said...

With you 100% on this.

Amazing how easy the govt can find new depths of disgusting behavior.

Little said about Naeem Bokhari, the better. He is only a little pawn in the game.

You suggest a perfect way to show your support by wearing the arm band. After the Steel Mills and Missing Persons cases, people were finally seeing a semblance of justice seen to be done. This is the least anyone can do.

Any ideas on how to propagate your suggestion other than just word of mouth ?

Anonymous said...

Here come another coup. Every one is fadup with the conducts of Busharaf on every important issue for pakistan. He try to seized any opportunity to have more control over pakistan using old false flag that Pakistan needs him B.S.his time is coming very closed Period