Monday, March 19, 2007

NEXT> Update: To Green!

Young. New. Joyous. Communicative. Fresh. Clean. Natural. Green.

Green is the new blue; that is, it's the color of the age. Green represents freshness, new-ness, hope, and the natural life around us. I also see a sense of giving and "equality" in this color as it symbolizes Nature - serving, giving, equal productive or destructive without prejudice.

Politically, Green is an important color in 2007: with a growing concern for ecological imbalances, and the need to manage the humanity's environmental behavior, Green has risen to become not just a color, but a concept that represents the attitude of a younger generation that cares.

NEXT> thinks that Green symbolizes all that is immediately ahead of us; the critical factors that will decide the fate of humankind. And NEXT> has a self-pledge to bring the best of the future to the present in a responsible fashion - to create hope, to advocate what really matters, to change beliefs and premises where they must. So, the look & feel of NEXT> by Ramla has been greened up! (Yes I know I am still a horrid designer, but Blogger just doesn't load in Pak and I'm having trouble accessing Blogger.)

The very busy photo on the top is from the Haramosh Valley in Pakistan where I trekked in search of wisdom and "fresh". It's a place that educated me about the origins of society and the nature of people. It also made me feel very strongly about the importance of respecting all people, our environment, and nurturing the development of society and self. And the whole experience was summed up in the shades of green that is the future. And now, it's my concept, my philosophy - one that I wish to share with all...

From NEXT> to a greener future!

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