Friday, August 24, 2007

Google Made Ideas Free. So Where's My Edge?

Everybody knows it. From programmers finding code, to ex-lovers looking up dirt on jilters, to graduate students procuring thesis - Google has it all.

Google is the highway to 100-ideas-a-minute factories. So how on Google earth are we to have what is variably known as "competitive edge" or, in quaint business speak, "unique selling proposition"!?

In human speak, it means, to thousands of corporations and millions of free agents, "What worthwhile thing can I offer if ideas are free? When someone else has done it already? Or I look a fake doing it? Or someone can simply steal my idea?"

Over: the Edge?

I've been through this anxiety. It paralyzed me when undertaking a new enterprise. A mere curious googling of keywords of a "new" idea would reveal darn! I have arrived too late. And just as I can be "inspired" by those I Google - [no, honestly, I don't disrespect the concept, inspiration is a valid-legit thing] - well, so, anyone can also pick my idea and run with it. So what now?

Yet there is one answer. Like all things in life, the "answer" to this contemporary challenge is deviously simple.

You Are The Center of Your Web of Life - and There's Nothing Taking That Away!

This amateur sketch (excuse my MS Paint skills!) puts us as the center of the "elements" of our unique life - these elements being other people, organizations, resource, places... just about any "organism."

We are each thrown in a certain set of circumstances. These circumstances yield a singular "mix" for each one of us. From our own position, we will have the ability to connect to other elements.

This “lifeset” becomes a macro-organism that thrives on adaptability and change of its parts. It’s like any other living organism in that respect.

The key is to understand the golden principles of making this "web" work for us, which are:

  1. What goes round, comes round.
  2. Do to others as you would have them do to you... because of principle #1.
  3. Integrity (thoughts, words, actions, message being one) and honesty reinforce the ties (the thin lines in the sketch) amongst the elements, and increase inter-reliance. You need other needs you need other needs you...
  4. More ties = more power.
  5. The connection is received by the other by way of SERVING them, not DEMANDING rights from them. One makes a connection by GIVING, not asking or taking. This web is created by Human Duties & Service, not Human Rights.

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