Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Vote for the People-Centered Model of Business @ ChangeThis.com!

If you think Business must care about People…
…then do vote for: The People-Centered Model of Business, a change manifesto.

Vote here: http://www.changethis.com/proposals/982

Do you think business should be more responsible? More sensitive? Do you feel that marketers and businesspeople need to "get it" that they are servant leaders?

May be you do. But as an MBA I can tell you: there is little in the business education curriculum of most schools that inspires such thinking.

But we don't need to stay with the problem! We can see this as an opportunity - and CHANGE!

I have proposed a manifesto for changing the face of business education at ChangeThis.com! Please vote for the manifesto proposal. Your vote means my proposal will be turned into a manifesto and published at ChangeThis.com!

Please forward to your friends who care about (corporate) social responsibility and conscious capitalism.

P.S. on May 10, The Economist ran a story " Business Schools" - that reports that business schools are reclaiming falling enrollment by putting ethics and people first 1

So dear readers and change agents in your-own-right! Do your part in changing things! Help me publish this manifesto, and your effort will mean you have helped change minds!

Preview Version 1.0
of the People-Centered Model of Business here:


This was written specifically for Pakistani students. Updates in V 2.0 from a global perspective.

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