Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Blogger login help

Switched to New Blogger and can't log in? Well, exactly the situation that I found myself in for the past one week when some of the best stories inspired me in a long time!

Well, finally I am back. Here is how:

To log in, DON'T use Instead go to: and log in with the Google ID that you used during the switch.

This tip came in when I finally turned to LinkedIn Answers for help. Amy Dullard, an advanced applications programmer at 1K Studios, gave this full tip:

Are you logging in here: with your Google ID? Or at the old blogger login? There is also info on having trouble with your Google login at:

Meanwhile, New Blogger has made the template editing stuff much easier. I am playing around with the template change that can now be done visually - through a WYSIWYG editor.

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JonyBr said...

I heard from few people that new blogger doesnt work, although when it left me no choice and i had to shift it never gave me any problem, when i go to it still asks me for both options, log in with new/google or old account.

Anyway, i recently moved to personal domain as well, hopefully if i can manage that i ll stay there in a longer run.