Saturday, January 27, 2007

Emerging Concepts + Advocated Concepts

NEXT> will feature two series of blog posts on "Emerging Concepts" and "Advocated Concepts."

"Emerging Concepts"
"Emerging Concepts" are sustainable trends being observed around the globe which have already gained some degree of acceptance by global change agents; and are "visible" should one go looking.

"Advocated Concepts"
"Advocated Concepts" are concepts and change ideas championed by NEXT>. They may or may not be accepted or observable as yet; but once in action, they achieve the dearest ambition of good souls: Making the World Better. The simple criterion for advocating them is the "humanity" of the concept.

I hope that "Advocated Concepts" will replace some of the age-old inhuman beliefs upon which much of the current education and thinking of the modern human is based. It's time to think anew and afresh.

New Thinking
This new thinking is not just based on aspiration, but it is also a "lesson learned" from the many forms of experiments that the human race has carried out in all fields - form society & governance to technology, education, health care, and living.

Through this series, I envision what the world can be if we successfully weed out inhuman concepts from our psyche, and replace them with new thinking. And I share this vision with the readers of the blog so that you may be motivated; and come together with like-minded souls through NEXT>.

In analyzing, predicting, and curating these concepts, I am exercising the freedom to predict with responsibility. By a self-imposed ethical policy, NEXT> will only predict or report findings that can help the world be a better place - rather than increasing anxiety which most of predictions do.

NEXT> will be helpful to those who want to make things better, and need to see the opportunity to do so.

You are invited!
I invite the readers to become part of the development of the series. Send in your stories and others' examples related to the new series. I will give you a heads-up by posting a summary of the Concepts in advance.

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Anonymous said...

Good read,

- Steven Burda, MBA

Ramla A. said...

Thanks for dropping by, Steven. I've blogged about your question, as promised.

Anonymous said...

A long and lengthy intellectual discussion may not be necessary to enhance what you already know, the answers we seek are scattered all around us and within our self. All you have to do is seek. The inspiration and guidance to do good only comes from one and one source only, and the best part is you don’t have to look far; it is an inward journey within one self which never ends.
Each one of us will be questioned about the intellectual and technological bounties bestowed upon us. Our social status, intelligence, time, energy and wealth will all be evaluated and our utilization of these will be graded. We should use these resources to start making the changes around; there are million of opportunities directed towards us every day.
Start small and you will be amazed on the tremendous power of good