Sunday, May 21, 2006

New! Subscribe to get fresh posts via e-mail!

So that you don’t miss out on the latest post on NEXT> by Ramla, now you can receive it in email. Simply go here (, put in your email address, and bingo! You’re all set to receive new posts to the blog (this website) in your inbox! Or, put it in the little box in the right column of the blog where it says, “Subscribe me!” You can always opt out, of course.

This makes sure you never miss another post, and also does away with the BotherSpot that BlogSpot has been since its errant, partial blocking in Pakistan. Subscribe now!


insiya said...

isnt it scary how they keep coming out with new-er and better stuff to keep you uptodate!?

we hardly make an effort doing anything these days!

Ramla A. said...

Yes, babe. And it took me a good life time to figure out this feed thing. I admit, I go up in flames of technical jealousy at all those falshy buttons on blogs. Looks like at least I cracked something.

Good to see you here.

Zakintosh said...

how about adding an rss feed, please, to the email option? would be grateful.