Tuesday, October 05, 2004


NEXT>byRamla is about the future. A future that's turning in to present faster than most can anticipate. Before we know what's hit us, the next big idea is already a thing of the past for someone else. And we're left to find and explore the next new road not yet taken.

The winning strategy, however, is to make one's own road.

But why is the future that important?

It is because the future is imposed on us from forces beyond the control of any one large entity in the world today. The sources of power are re-defined rapidly, and power is being redistributed. At times, we don't even have a plan for what's coming next - only a prediction at best. The sources of change of power are technology, and society. And most of the citizens of the world do not even have an idea of where's change coming from, what form will it take, and how it impacts them.

NEXT>byRamla is about predicting these, and suggesting how can we make use of this knowledge.

About Me, Ramla:
My preferred identity is of a philosopher who borrows from a variety of disciplines to make human life better. This also defines my life mission.

When I am less serious, I work as an executive advisor and manager in a South-East Asian production/ broadcast organization. It is an interesting and exciting place to be in, since we have a BBC-like portfolio of news, entertainment, and factual programming. At this place, we are also growing in to youth and music, plus several future initiatives which are based on a keen sense of where the world is going to. That allows us to position in the right place at the right time.

It couldn't have got better for me, since I enjoy reading patterns and predicting a future based on what is, and what should be.

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All for now. Until NEXT> time...

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Anonymous said...

Poor baby....no comments on your blog...which, unfortunately, has not been kept up to date. With almost 4 billion peoples in the world (and the PAKs are doing more than their share to increase the numbers) one would think that forces beyond ourselves are creating conditions which we may have had difficulty in predicting. That is not the issue. The issue is whether we undertake the role of being one of the providers of change, or whether we will try to stay afloat during the storms of change.